How to Draw Appa

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There is three parts that you will need to draw in order to create a frame for this animal character from Avatar. You will draw three circle shapes, one for the head, and two for the body as you see here. Add the facial guidelines for the Bison's fac   


Now you will sketch out the fury and or hairy shape of the Sky Bison's head, and then draw the horns as you see here. Next draw the outlined shape of the face and chin as well.


Now you will start sketching out the body starting with the underbelly and or chest, and then proceed onto drawing the front legs and feet, and the beginning shape of the hind legs.


Draw the back of the sky bison, and then draw the arrow that flows down the head and then draw the design lines on the back of the animal. You will then draw in the eyes, and then the fairly wide nose. Once that is done you can then start sketching i   


For your last drawing step all you have to do is draw out the rest of the legs and then draw all of the toes and tail. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you draw in step one to clean up your drawing.


Here is your finished drawing on the Appa, and for all those that love this beast, I hope you had fun drawing him out. Color him in and your all done.

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February 12, 2010

Description: The trailer previews for the new movie “The Last Airbender” based on the Nickelodeon cartoon, has been making a bug impact on internet trailer watchers. I for one can't wait to go to the theatre and see this movie on the big screen because I can tell that it is going to be epic. The film is due to be released in July of 2010, and Aangs character already looks very cool indeed. Actor “Noah Ringer” plays Aang, Jackson Rathbone is playing Sokka, and the kid that played in “SlumDog Millionaire” Dev Patel is going to be playing Zuko. There is also another character that is going to be in the movie but it is not a human. That is what I will be uploading right now. You will learn “how to draw Appa”. For those of you that actually watch Avatar, you should already know who or what Appa is. He is what is thought to be the last living Sky Bison. A Sky Bison is an animal race that has the ability to fly. Their nationality falls under Air Nomad, and Appa is a male that is all white in color, with an underbelly that is colored a brownish gray. Like Aang, he has that trail of a brown arrow that runs down the back of his body, onto the top of his head. I find this animal to be wicked cool in sight, and if I where Aang I would be extremely excited too to have a Sky Bison for my life long animal companion. I love the way that this creature came out, and I can't wait to see what he looks like in the new feature length movie that was written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. I think you will find that drawing Appa is going to be fun, and colorful. I will be back tomorrow with more drawing fun so join me again, and be sure to come back to the best drawing tutorial site in the world!

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