How to Draw a Sorceress

Artist: Dawn / April 27, 2009

Step 1.

Start by drawing out the guidelines of the pretty Sorceress that you will be learning how to draw. Start with a circle for her head and then add the facial guidelines. Next draw a neck line and then the guidelines for her torso, and lower waist area.   

Step 2.

Now that you have reached step three, you can start sketching out the hair style lines as well as her eye lines and then the shape of her face. Draw a long vertical line for the Sorceresses staff and then begin sketching her top design.

Step 3.

Since I like to start all my tutorials from top to bottom, you will be concentrating on getting the top portion of the Sorceress drawn. You will tackle this step by drawing out the hair style strand lines that will also fall into place for her length   

Step 4.

The first thing that you will draw in step four is the shape of her magical staff which is used to omit spells. Don't make the staff perfect with straight lines and such. Instead make the lines a bit imperfect because as you know magicians staffs are   

Step 5.

There is a total of nine steps so that means you are now half way done with your sketch. You will start sketching out the wooden lines on her staff to add detail and definition. Next sketch out the sleeves of her scarf that hangs over her arm and mak   

Step 6.

Start sketching out the details around the waist part of the Sorceresses jewelled corset. Once that is done you can then move onto the next step. Yes, that is all you have to do here. But make sure it is all drawn out right.

Step 7.

Well, now you are really almost done with this tutorial. What I want you guys to do in this step is start sketching out the detailing and definition to her clothes as you see it drawn for you here. You will also draw out the finger guidelines for her   

Step 8.

This is your last drawing step and all you have to do is sketch out the detailing on her clothes as you see it drawn out for you here in this final step. The sorceress is very sexy and intimidating looking and you really have to convey that in your a   

Step 9.

This is what your magical looking woman should look like when you are done. Just color her in and you have just learned how to draw a sorceress step by step. I hope you guys had a lot of fun with this long tutorial. I shall be back with more.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 27, 2009
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Description: Well this tutorial that I am about to submit was sketched, drawn and colored while I was live yesterday in the U-Stream room. I had so much fun drawing out this magnificent looking woman of magic. I still can't get over how good she came out with all the pauses I was taking throughout the lesson. Anyways, for those of you that love fantasy and everything that comes with it, you will love this first tutorial on how to draw a sorceress step by step. A sorceress is the exact opposite of a sorcerer. They are also called witches, and mages, and they can either be good or evil. The sorceress that I am teaching you how to draw today is on the good side with a touch of bad. Sorcerer and sorceress are the same as magicians and wizards. They are commonly seen in fantasy movies, fantasy novels, and even role playing games. DragoArt already has a couple of lessons on wizards and a sorcerer. Actually the sorcerer is a very popular tutorial because of the way I drew him out to look more modern and different than the typical looking sorcerer. As the for the sorceress, I really did want to make her look like what is mentally embedded in our minds instead of changing things up to make her look different. Magicians, sorceress and wizards have powers based on their experience. The more experience one magician has the more powers and abilities that a woman of magic can hold. I wanted to also convey in this drawing that not only is the sorceress beautiful and wise, she also holds magical and possessing powers that can captivate any man, woman or child. I really loved drawing out the jewels and braces that cover her upper body. I know what some of you guys were saying about her chest and I'm sorry if you felt a bit uncomfortable. But the truth is, that is what these woman look like in sorceress posters, sorceress tattoos, and even in the movies. Learning how to draw a sorceress step by step is something that I think everyone will enjoy. So let me go now because I still have one more tutorial to submit. I shall return in a bit so stay tuned.