How to Draw Avatar Aang from Avatar The Last Airbender

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Lets start this step by first drawing out the shape of his head which looks like an egg. After that sketch in the facial guidelines as shown. Next draw out the guidelines for his shoulders then draw out the shape of his torso as well as the lines for   


Herein this step you will start to detail Aang's face. First draw a pointed tip of an arrow on his forehead. Then draw out the lines for his eyes, nose, and mouth. Next you will sketch out his neck collar and detail it with crease fold lines. Continu   


Finish off the arrow on his forehead and then draw his ears. Sketch in the rest of his eyes and start sketching in the detailed definition lines on his color and the creased folds in his shirt or poncho more. Next you will then shape out his left arm   


For his face you will draw his eye balls as well as detail his nose. Now you can start working on his right arm and detail his left arm and hand more. Definition for his top still needs some more attention then you can sketch out the bottom of his pa   


Finish this step by detailing the inside of his left ear and then detailing the right and left fingers. You will also need to draw the remaining lines of the staff. After that is taken care of you can erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew   


After you are done with your drawing you should end up with something like this. All you have to do now is color him in and you will be completely done. That was easy right. That will end this tutorial ion how to draw Avatar Aang from Avatar the last   

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July 24, 2008

Description: For my next tutorial of the day I will be teaching you how to draw a character from an animated show that I used to watch like a year ago and just recently started watching it again. He is a cool looking character that doesn’t get much publicity as of yet but I know he will in the near future. So having said all that I will show you all how to draw Aang from Avatar: The Last Air Bender. Now if you are wondering exactly who Aang is and what the show is about all I will tell you is “you’re missing out”. First off Aang is that character from Nickelodeon with the bald head and a blue arrow tattoo. He is a character that I am very fond of. I know that anyone that hasn’t seen this animated show before will love it if they gave it a shot. In fact Avatar won an Emmy award before that is how good it is. Now some may be thinking or wondering if the show was created by Japanese animation. The answer to that question is no. Avatar is an American animated series and it aired on Nickelodeon for a whole three seasons. Of course even though the show wasn’t created by Japanese animated artist, it still has an Asian influenced world which contains martial arts, and base characters on their elemental backgrounds. Aang which is the main character of the show is an Air Nomad who is the last of his kind. Now Air Nomads are a very peaceful and tranquil race that was wiped out by the Fire Nation like a hundred years ago or something like that. These Air Nomads use to travel the skies on their flying Bison and were said to be the most spiritual of all other elemental cultures and lived in harmony with nature, almost like Native Americans or Indians. Like all Air Nomads Aang is an Airbender. Now there is this thing that Aang performs called the Avatar State which is triggered when Aang is in an extreme physical or emotional state. Now when Aang is in this Avatar state he automatically sends out a sort of distress single to his past lives which call friends like Avatar Roku to aid and assist him. The reason why Aang is still alive after a hundred years being in an iceberg is because of the power and strength of the Avatars. Like all Air Nomads Aang is an Airbender. Airbending is considered an art of Non- aggression. Basically it teaches you how to fight without actually fighting. It’s actually hard to explain. It’s a combination of soft flowing movements that transforms whenever you try and pin it down. An Airbender uses his opponent’s energy against him. I like Aangs character not only because he is a cute 12 year old boy in reality but because he holds a unique art. I will show you how to draw Avatar Aang step by step with easy to follow instructions. I hope you like this tutorial and I will be back later with another. I am tired so I will rest. Peace out people.

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