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How to Draw Zane, Ninjago

Artist: Dawn / February 29, 2012
How to Draw Zane, Ninjago

Step 1.

Let's get started once again shall we. Draw an oval shape for the head and then draw the shape or outline of the body as well as the face guide.

Step 2.

Sketch out the outline of the ninja gi hood, and like before make sure that there is plenty of crinkles, folds, or creases.

Step 3.

Draw in the small eye hole opening like so, and then draw and color in the eyebrows and eyes like so. Make sure you use your facial guides.

Step 4.

Draw the torso as well as the blocky arm shape and also make sure to draw the definition line which makes the Ninjago torso look like a Lego piece.

Step 5.

Next, draw the right arm and hand like so, and when you draw the hand you have to make sure to make it look like your typical crescent shapes Lego hand.

Step 6.

Draw Zane's other hand as well as his weapon of choice. Also, you can see that his joint or wrist is viewable.

Step 7.

We will finish off the body by drawing the legs and foot. Make the crotch joint and then clean up the drawing to prepare Zane for detailing.

Step 8.

Now you can sketch in all the extras which is the emblem or medallion. the sash around his waist, and the definition on the inner parts of his legs.

Step 9.

Here is Zane from Ninjago when you are all done. Color him in and that's it. Great work everyone, I hope you had fun.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 29, 2012
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Tags: how to draw ninjago, how to draw ninjago characters, how to draw lego characters, how to draw lego
Description: Well, here is another tutorial on another Ninjago character that is just as cool or cooler than Jay. Here is "how to draw Zane", step by step from Ninjago. He is a white colored ninja, and he is part of the Ninja of Ice affiliation. Zane's character is probably one of the more interesting of the few that I have read up on, and I think it's because of his background. He is a very calm, cool and collective figure that because of this, he doesn't show his emotion too often. Like with most popular characters, Zane has a horrendous sense of humor which is probably due to the fact that he has a sixth sense. As far as weapons go, Zane uses a shruiken, spear, and a Ninjago sword. Anyways, he is going to be an easier Lego character to replicate so when you tackle this task of drawing Zane make sure to leave a comment and rating to let everyone else know what you think. There is one last lesson going up for the day so have fun with all the tutorials that I submitted thus far. Thanks guys and enjoy!