How to draw an evil lego knight

Artist: narek01 / July 8, 2012

Step 1.

start off with these basic guidelines , drawing his head shape and the middle of his body.

Step 2.

add the basic shape for his sword.

Step 3.

now we draw his helmet. this gives him some of his evilness.

Step 4.

add the eyes and eyebrows (notice the size.)

Step 5.

using the basic shape of the sword we add the detail of it.

Step 6.

add the outline of his left shoulder.

Step 7.

drawing the outline of his sheild be careful where it starts and finishes and try and draw it with straight curves unlike mine.

Step 8.

add the mouth. please try not to notice that i forgot to put the mouth in earlier.

Step 9.

add the bottom of his armour.

Step 10.

start adding the details by double lining some of the lines as picture shows.

Step 11.

erase the guidelines and unneeeded lines

Step 12.

add more detail however you want(using picture 1) to achieve something similar to this.

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Artist: narek01
Date Added: July 8, 2012
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Tags: how to draw lego characters, how to draw lego
Description: hello, im back with my 2nd tutorial on lego minifigures and today you will hopefully learn how to draw an evil lego knight. enjoy