How to draw a lego man-Artist

Artist: narek01 / June 30, 2012

Step 1.

start off with a rectangular shaped head and the guidelines. (the straigher the better)

Step 2.

add his beret.

Step 3.

add the basic shape of his body noticing the slight tilt on both sides.

Step 4.

add the basic shapes of his arm and hand.

Step 5.

now we add the painting tools. the palette and the brush.

Step 6.

get rid of some of the guidelines and lines affecting the beret, palette and brush.

Step 7.

now add the tip of the brush and details to the palette including the thumb hole and some paint.

Step 8.

add the legs

Step 9.

add some of the detail shit. buttons along the guideline and a line to the left of them going from the top of his legs to his collar which u are also drawing in this step.

Step 10.

add splashes of paint on his legs/pants and his shirt.

Step 11.

add his eyes and eyebrows

Step 12.

add his mouth and erase some more guidelines to achieve the final result- next step.

Step 13.

and here is what it should look similar to.

Step 14.

my finished skecth of him.

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Artist: narek01
Date Added: June 30, 2012
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Tags: how to draw lego characters, how to draw lego
Description: hello there, this is my first tutorial on dragoart so i hope you like it. You will be learning to draw a lego artist minifigure from series 4. critisism is very much appreciated.