How to Draw Angel Hello Kitty, Angel Hello Kitty


Begin your first step to drawing angel Hello Kitty by making a round shape for her head and sketch in the facial guide.


Next, draw in her signature bow, and be sure to add detailing in the center of the bow.


Next, draw the entire shape of Kitty's face and head as well as her ears.


Using the facial guide, draw the eyes, and then draw the nose as well as the whiskers. You will then draw the halo above her head, and you can move to step five.


You are almost done guys so keep on trucking. Draw in her dress like so which is also the shape of her upper body. Draw the arms and hands, then move to step six.


All that needs to be done here is the collar for her dress, and then draw her angel wings.


For the last drawing step, all you have to do is draw her legs as well as the dent at the bottom of her foot. Erase the shapes and guides to prepare her for color.


Well guys here is the line art when you are done. Color in your angel and add her to the other characters from the Hello Kitty collection.

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February 28, 2012

Description: The devil Hello Kitty did surprising well, but then again doesn't all the tutorials on her get a lot of attention? I decided that I should do the opposite to the devil version of Hello Kitty and show you "how to draw angel Hello Kitty", step by step. What I like about this version of Kitty is how she looks insanely innocent while looking the same. The only that that is different about her is the style of dress, the addition of wings, and her golden halo. Of course she manages to keep her bow as usually because if she didn't, Hello Kitty wouldn't look like herself at all. The best part about this version of Kitty is how easy she is going to be to draw. I know you will have a blast as you begin drawing angel Hello Kitty, as I did making her. Well that's all folks, I have to fly out of here so I can get the other lessons uploaded. Peace out and enjoy!

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