How to Draw Lego Darth Maul for Kids, Star Wars


First, draw out this shape of Darth Maul's head. Pretty self-explanatory.


Now draw out his somewhat oval eyes along with the pupils. Try to make it look scary!


This step may require more time, draw out the tattoos/marks on his head and lightly sketch it with a pencil.


Around his head should be his hood. The hood is pretty big, but don't make it too big. Just like the marks on his face, lightly color in the hood with your pencil/pen.


After drawing out the hood, draw small marks on the top of his hood.


You are complete with his head, now draw out a long double-bladed light saber. Do this step first because it is going to be in front of his body. Draw out a pole with two circles on the end of it.


Now extend the plasma beams on the light saber, since there was no space on this tutorial, extend the beam longer. Draw a small curved oval to represent his hand. *If you see the oval on the left blade, it is optional to draw it*


After you are done with his light saber, draw out his body behind the light saber. His body is a slightly steep curve downwards.


Draw out his arms and hands. The arm on the left should connect to his upper body (obviously). His arms go down pretty low, and his arms are pretty thin.


Just like his face, this step may require some time. Draw out the shirt's design, the three sided belt, and the curved marks moving upward. The closer the upward lines are, the shorter.


For the final step, draw out Darth Maul's Lego legs. They are pretty thick, and his feet should stick out a little more. In the middle of the legs should be two little lines.


You have drawn Lego Darth Maul! You should try to use this picture for reference if you missed anything.

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June 1, 2013

Description: Hello everybody, I will be teaching you how to draw Lego Darth Maul from Star Wars. I just want to get things straight, I DID NOT use any other tutorial to make this tut. Lego decided to partner up with Star Wars, and we got this menace here. Darth Maul was both introduced and killed as the main antagonist, but in the Clone Wars series, he came back as a cyborg. He is one of my favorite Star Wars characters.

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