How to Draw Wild Cats

Artist: makangeni / May 28, 2013

Step 1.

This tutorial about wildcats starts with a head shot. Let's draw the guide lines: a circle, two triangles for the ears, the guide lines on the face and the basic form of the muzzle.

Step 2.

Draw the two large eyes and the mouth.

Step 3.

Add the small triangular nose with the nostrils and the chin.

Step 4.

Follow the guide lines to draw the ears.

Step 5.

Now, draw the outline of the head and add long fur and other details inside the ears.

Step 6.

Add details on the fur and the long whiskers that starts from the muzzle and a few short whiskers above the eyes.

Step 7.

Add detail inside the eyes (pupil, shadow and light) and your wildcat is finished. Now, if you like, you can add the typical stripes on its coat. The markings are symmetrical, notice also the "M" like marking on the forehead of the wildcat.

Step 8.

In this and in the following steps we will draw a full body wildcat. As always, draw first the guide lines like the ones you see in the image. Wildcats are generally larger than house cats with longer legs and more robust bodies.

Step 9.

Draw the forehead, the muzzle and the eye.

Step 10.

Add ears, mouth, part of the nose and chin.

Step 11.

Finish the nose, add the points from which the whiskers start and add details into the ears.

Step 12.

Draw the neck of the wildcat.

Step 13.

This time I decided to split the paws into three steps instead of one, I hope it helps. Well, let's start with the foreleg and the upper part of the round paw.

Step 14.

Now, the toes. Wildcats have five toes on the forepaws (four toes + one dewclaw) and four toes on the hind paws. In this case only three toes are visible. Draw the first curved line that divides two toes, then add the other one and finish the forel   

Step 15.

Add the furry splits of the retractible claws and the paw is done.

Step 16.

Draw shoulder, back and fluffy belly (here the fur is quite long).

Step 17.

Add the other legs and the long haired tail.

Step 18.

Add some details to your wildcat and you're almost done.

Step 19.

Add detail inside the eye and your wildcat drawing is completed! I hope you enjoied this tutorial!

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