How To Draw a Manx Cat, Simple Shading

Artist: AllyS / May 4, 2013

Step 1.

Start with the guidelines. However, you may not even need guidelines. You don't have to follow this exactly, use the guides you need. Remember, if you are doing this on paper, DRAW LIGHTLY.

Step 2.

Using the facial guidelines, if you used any, you can draw the eye. It should be almond or circular in shape, with a bold outline. You can draw the nose, the start of the mouth, and I drew small marks for the whiskers. Draw the top of the head and th   

Step 3.

Using the bridge of the nose as a guide, draw the other eye. Draw the nostrils and the rest of the mouth, along with the chest and the first leg. Also, Manx have round faces.

Step 4.

Now you can draw the other front leg and the toes. You can also add a low dew claw to the side of the front paw. Draw the belly and the hind leg. I prefer to let the stomach flow into the thigh without stopping. It looks more natural to me. However,    

Step 5.

Here you can draw the other hind leg, and connect the hind leg you already drew to the back. The Manx has either no tail or a bob tail. You can do either, but I added some fluff to the area. Draw the back, (I added a line to show the shoulder, but yo   

Step 6.

Now you can ink. This is the step to fix any mistakes you may have made and to add more detail. You can erase your guidelines.

Step 7.

Add color. Be creative!

Step 8.

This is a very simple tutorial with shading. The badly drawn sun in the corner will be the source of light. You can change it up. Practice! Sometimes, black shadows looks good, especially when lowering opacity. I often use black to shade. However, th   

Step 9.

Now you can add highlights. Just use a lighter color than what you used to shade. Do the opposite: add highlights to the areas where the light would hit the subject. I also added some gold to the eyes, and I added white highlights to the nose and eye   

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Artist: AllyS
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Description: How to draw a cartoonish manx cat, with a simple shading tutorial.