how to draw an anime kitty

Artist: loofahkitties / June 27, 2013

Step 1.

First, make a circle. The circle is going to be the anime kitty head.

Step 2.

Next, make the ears and the hair. Make any hairstyle you want, and the ears big, but not too big.

Step 3.

Put on cheek and inner-ear fur. You can make the cheek fur go upwards or downwards.

Step 4.

Erase the extra lines from the cheek fur, hair, and ears.Optional to remove the line that connects to the cheek fur on the right.

Step 5.

Make the top of the eyes. The top of the eyes are like eyebrows. They show the expression of the anime kitty.

Step 6.

Now make the sides and bottoms of the eyes. Make sure the sides of the eyes are a little rounded and not totally flat.

Step 7.

Make an oval-like shape in each of the eye whites and a half-circle in the top right corners of them.

Step 8.

Make a smaller oval in the irises of both eyes. These are going to be the pupils.

Step 9.

Put on the nose. You can use the circle tool to make a totally smooth nose, or use your brush to scribble one out with some bumpy edges.

Step 10.

Draw a mouth. It can be smiling, frowning, or it can just be a random expression.

Step 11.

Place a body on the anime kitty head. You can make it furry, dull, fat, thin, or just anyway you want.

Step 12.

Color the fur, eyes, and backround. Now you have a finished anime kitty!

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Artist: loofahkitties
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Description: here is how to draw an anime cat really easy so, enjoy drawing!