How to Draw an Angry Wolf

Artist: makangeni / June 1, 2013

Step 1.

Before we start drawing, let's focus on the teeth. Wolves have 42 teeth, that are heavy and large, well suited to crushing bone. The four robust canines are the more evident teeth when the wolf is snarling. Other important teeth to remember when yo   

Step 2.

In the upper part of the image you can see two different facial expressions. The first one indicate that the wolf prefers to flee. The ears are turned back and the lips are pulled back showing more teeth. The second one indicate that the wolf is re   

Step 3.

Now we will draw an head shot of an angry wolf with open mouth. Draw the guide lines: a circle, two triangles for the ears, some simple lines for the muzzle, guide lines on the face and two lines for the neck.

Step 4.

Draw the eye, the guide lines will help you to find the right place where to put it. Then draw the muzzle and the nose.

Step 5.

Add the wrinkles on the muzzle and draw the lower jaw.

Step 6.

Now it's time to draw the teeth, take some time to execute this step correctly, they are important.

Step 7.

Add the tongue and other teeth inside the open mouth. Then, draw the chin.

Step 8.

Draw the forehead with fur that stands on end, the ears and fur on the cheeck.

Step 9.

Add detail inside the ear and draw the long haired neck.

Step 10.

Add the last details: fur, whiskers and round pupil.

Step 11.

In the following steps we will draw a full body angry wolf. Start with the guide lines.

Step 12.

When the guide lines are done add eyes, nose and mouth.

Step 13.

Draw the teeth (see step 1 and 2), pay attention to the gums and remember, four large canines and twelve small incisors. Draw also the lower lips.

Step 14.

Add the wrinkles on the muzzle and on the area between the eyes.

Step 15.

Draw the outline of the head and the ears.

Step 16.

Add detail inside the ears and draw the neck with the long hair that stands on end.

Step 17.

Add shoulders and chest.

Step 18.

Draw the fore legs and the paws. Wolves have five toed fore paws with non retractible claws. Add also some muscle definition.

Step 19.

Add the wolf's back, the tail and the belly.

Step 20.

Draw the hindlegs and the paws, only four toes here.

Step 21.

Add the last details and the angry wolf is finished. I hope you liked this tutorial!

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Artist: makangeni
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Description: Here a tutorial on a subject I particularly like: angry wolves. I love drawing angry animals in general but wolves are my favourite. Enjoy!