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how to draw deadlox

Artist: swivilnutdoestransformice / October 26, 2013
how to draw deadlox

Step 1.

uh i gess starting with the guid lines. draw it out like a japanese symbole

Step 2.

allright time to get in buisiness! draw deadlox's head as shown. dont forget the speaker that reaches to his mouth! (note: the little charactor with the sign, blue hai, will be your guide)

Step 3.

ok now follow blue hai where he is pointing at the torso. make sure his arms and body arch a little.

Step 4.

yay were almost done! ok now we move on to the legs. add the details for his shoes and pants.

Step 5.

and thats it! you are done! just color him in and show of your artwork to your friends and family!

Step 6.

HOLD ON THERE! before you color this in, read the sign! if you cant read it ill type it for you. ok the sign says, "Put all comments bellow and tell me how i did! Put this tutorial in your favorites and ill do some more! Thank you!"

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Artist: swivilnutdoestransformice
Date Added: October 26, 2013
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Tags: draw games
Description: ok here is my full drawing of deadlox! and its my first tutorial! WHOOHOOOOO!