How to Draw Anime Eyes: Basics

1 The Shape of a Real Human Eye

I'd first like to note that anime eyes are based off the human eye. That means, the shapes of all the styles of anime eyes you see in manga and anime, is derived from the human eye's anatomy. As you can see in the examples I've drawn, you have the no   

2 The Shape of a Real Human Eye - Side View

Remember when I said that the eye is a spherical shape? You can see a bit more of what I mean in this series of drawings. From the side view, the eye will still be of a circular shape, you just see less of that shape because you are viewing the eye f   

3 How to Develop Anime Eye Style?

I have gotten asked a lot of the same question here on Drawinghub and it's usually "how do I draw my own anime style?" In order to experiment with your own style, you must first master anatomy. Anatomy is like the foundation of an artist's skill set.   

4 Anime Eyes From the Side

Here's just a couple of the eyes that I've drawn above, drawn here from the side view so you can grasp an idea of how they should look from the side view. Like I've stated in the realistic eye from the side view, an eyeball is a sphere, and the eyeli   

5 Children Eyes

Here's just 3 simple examples of childish/innocent anime eyes. These should be drawn 'alive' and full of life. Round in shape means 'soft' and 'harmless' to the viewer. Also, the more highlights you add to the insides of the iris/pupils, the more inn   

6 Male Character Eyes

Here's another tricky one! Male characters are basically more complicated characters than the females are, unless you're drawing a very young boy, which will have rounder more 'open' appearing eyes. Generally, male eyes should be drawn with more of a   

7 Male Character Eyes - Thick Lash Lines

If you want to add 'femininity' to your male character, thicken the lash lines! These will give your character a more feminine appearance/gesture. Just make sure to keep that eyebrow thick so it's easier for people to register that it's a male, and n   


Start off drawing the arched upper lid first and when you do this the lining should be bold instead of a single thin line. There are some uneven areas with this line for the lash. When that is done you will draw an oval shape for the actual eye shape   


For this eye style you will begin the same way, but different technique. Draw the upper lid and sketch in the loose lines which are the lashes for the eye. When that is done you can draw the shape of the actual eyeball and this time it's oblong and s   

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October 6, 2020

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