How to draw warrior dog

Artist: Rainbowsoxzy / June 22, 2016

Step 1.

First, we're gonna start off with a sketch or the head, and lines to show where the eyes will be

Step 2.

Now, we're gonna draw the eyes, the nose and the pupils, if wanted

Step 3.

Now, we are gonna draw the cheek fur, which is adorable!

Step 4.

Then for the next step, we can draw the ears and the hair, the hair and ears are optional, it can be pointy, round, and anything else that you want

Step 5.

Then we are gonna draw the teeth, and the spiked collar, the spikes can be curled, bent, and more! Its your warrior

Step 6.

Now, we can draw the body, the hind legs, the spots, and everything else here. All things in this tutorial, is optional you can do anything you want

Step 7.

Then the tail,

Step 8.

And the color and your done! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

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