How to Draw an Arctic Wolf

Artist: Rainbowsoxzy / June 9, 2016

Step 1.

First, we will start off with a simple circle. It can be made using different things, bottle caps, rim cups, alot of different things

Step 2.

Now, we are going to draw the nose, and the ears, its pretty simple, your ears can also be any shape you want

Step 3.

Then start drawing the eyes, cheek fur, the fur on the ears, the markings and the pupils. Easy stuff

Step 4.

Now, (if you want some hair, draw it like mine if wanted) more facial markings, that award winning smile, and that lovley hair! One more thing is needed...

Step 5.

Coloring! You can color yours in related to mine, or your own colors, this is just an example, i hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

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Artist: Rainbowsoxzy
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