Drawing a Halloween Puppy


Make the guide shapes for the dog's head and body like so. Then sketch in the facial guidelines as well as the tail and leg guides.


Create the shape and structure of the dog's head. Notice that it is turned with an angle. Draw in some cute fluff on his head too.


We will now draw in the floppy ears, when that is done you can draw the large eye shapes followed by the nose, mouth and tongue. Give this pooch a happy expressive face.


We will draw in the painted skeletal face for your puppy's mask. Start with the bones on the side and then small teeth shapes on the cheeks. Draw in the eyes and color in the pupils.


We will now draw the body starting with the torso, front legs and then the back part of the body which is the hind legs and back hair.


Draw in the wagging tail along with the toe lines.


For the last drawing step you will first erase the guidelines and shapes, then draw in the bones to complete the skeleton costume look for your black pooch puppy.


Here is the line art folks. Color in the work and show off your drawing.

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October 31, 2017

Description: On with the cute and adorable lessons on some favorite animals for Halloween. We already did a tutorial on a Halloween kitty cat, now we are gonna learn how to draw a Halloween puppy, step by step. This puppy design or concept was actually inspired by a post I seen on Facebook of a black German Shepherd painted with with paint dressed as a skeleton. I thought it was so cute, I had to do a lesson of my own based on that idea. This pup is also a German Shepherd, but instead of a full size dog, I chose to go with a puppy design. Have fun and remember to check your candy before you eat it.

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