How to Draw a Strawberry Heart

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First, let's start with the foundation base of the heart strawberry shape so we can add the little foliage which dress the top of it. take your time with this part, and try to make the bottom tip of the strawberry rather chunky and round opposed to a   


Next, draw the little leaves which spike from the top of the strawberry shape. Take your time with this step as this is what makes the heart shape look like a strawberry as well besides the rounded shape of the berry heart.


Then, we can draw the little seeds which scatter around the inside of the heart. Place them wherever you want in any quantity you want.


Once you've reviewed your sketchy draft drawing, you should ink it out and end up with something similar to this. Go ahead and show off your new strawberry heart drawing! I'm always open to feedback from you guys so if you have something to say, leav   

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January 15, 2015

Description: Hey everyone, here's another fun lesson that I'm so happy to share with everyone today! Excuse my absence that has occurred over the past few days as I have been preoccupied with a lot of personal endeavors. This was one of my favorite tutorial done today and it's pretty unique in my opinion. I've spent around an hour and a half on the coloring/line art job in Paint Tool Sai (a digital art program you guys should totally give a whirl with). Anyways, I gotta head out to the next tutorial so you Drago peeps have more of a variety to draw today.

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