How to Draw Twins, Twin Zombies


Start off by sketching out two shapes for the twin heads that you will be working on. Once the heads are drawn you can sketch in the facial guidelines as well as the neck lines.


In this step we will start sketching out the actual form of the twisted, or melted looking face. Just begin at the top, and work your way down. The head is obviously deformed with tumors, and torn skin (which can't be seen now). Add all the detailing   


Now we can start drawing in the messed up looking face. Start with the drooping eyes, then move onto the nose, and mouth. Notice how all the features of the face look like it's decaying or melting off the face. Add detailing where it should be, and m   


You will now work on getting the neck and shoulder drawn out. Start with sketching the neck, tendons, and muscle tissue, then go over the sketched image with darker strokes. Make sure some tendons lines are bold and darkened. Add definition where app   


You are ready to get started with drawing head number two. Begin by sketching out the shape or structure of the head and face, then draw in the neck and all the definition. You will need to include some tumor bumps on the left side of the face as you   


This face is a little easier to draw because it looks a lot more human than the first face. Start with the eyes, then move along to the nose and mouth opening. Darken certain areas around the eyes shown to you here in this step.


Now you can begin drawing in the disfigured zombie face. Add rough looking bumps on the left side of the face, then sketch in the bottom jaw showing the teeth and gum line. You will need to do more detailing and definition work on this face. Once all   


This step is a bit complex to describe. You will begin by drawing out the stretched tissue as well as all the torn muscles, membranes, and skin. These heads should look like they are trying to rip away from one another. Take your time as you complete   


Here is what the twins look like when you are finished. You can choose to not color them in, of you can pick some shades to add color. Great work guys, I'm sure you all did awesome.

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July 11, 2012

Description: You seen it first on Facebook, now here is the tutorial on these two very interesting figures that only share one body. It's "how to draw twins", step by step. My version of drawing twins isn't going to be cute babies dressed up in matching outfits and hats. Instead I bring to the table a monstrous site that is good enough to be used at a tattoo design. I know so many people that love this type of concept art, but for some this type of drawing isn't at all impressive. Yesterday I was in a very creative mood so I went full throttle and drew some pretty nasty looking beings. Later I will submit the other creatures, but for now enjoy drawing twin zombies and see how you do. Adios people!

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