How to Draw Zombie Justin Bieber

Artist: Dawn / August 13, 2012

Step 1.

Let's start by making the oval shape of Justin's face. Sketch in the facial guidelines, then move to step two.

Step 2.

Draw out the actual structure of Justin's zombie face like so, then sketch in the hair. The hair should be drawn in a feathering manner. The hair on the sides hugs his cheek while the bangs are combed sideways.

Step 3.

The next thing we will do is draw out the facial features. Start with the lid lines first, then draw the sides of the nose which is the nostrils. Lastly, draw out the wide open mouth.

Step 4.

Finish drawing out the shapes of the eyes, then sketch in the frown lines around the nose and mouth. You will also need to give Justin his eyebrows as well as his teeth and gums. When that is done, sketch out the scars, scabs, tears, rips, and open f   

Step 5.

You are already almost done drawing zombie Justin Bieber. All you have to do here is finish sketching out the hairstyle which remains pretty much the same. I actually gave it some thought and left his hair perfect so he looks even more ridiculous.

Step 6.

Now you have to draw out the neck, then draw in the shoulders as well as the collar line for the shirt. Notice there is a tear in the collar so be sure to add that as well.

Step 7.

I decided that the area that Justin was bitten at that transformed him into a zombie is the neck. You will need to draw the muscles exposed on the neck since the zombie that attacked him ate the tissue that covered it. You will also need to detail th   

Step 8.

Here is the finished drawing of zombie Justin Bieber. Now you can have loads of fun coloring him in.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Okay guys, so if you have been on my Facebook page lately you already know the lesson that I am about to submit. I always get great ideas from members of Dragoart, and here is one of them. Today I will start the day by showing you guys "how to draw zombie Justin Bieber", step by step. You don't know how many times folks have asked me to make this type of tut. I always prolonged the idea because I didn't want to offend anyone that likes his music. After thinking about it for a while I decided that it would be cool to go ahead and make the lesson. I had a lot of fun tackling such a task, and one of the things that I was aiming for is to make Justin Bieber look like a real zombie, or at least make him look like he would in a zombie film. I think that you will all enjoy drawing this zombie version of Justin Bieber, and I also think that for once, some boys may even tackle this tutorial too. Well, I have to leave right now because there is more for me to prepare and submit. Enjoy your artistic day, and be sure to leave comments, ratings or both on all the lessons you come across.