How to Draw Zombie Selena Gomez

Artist: Dawn / August 14, 2012

Step 1.

begin the first step with a shape for Selena's zombie head then sketch in the facial guidelines.

Step 2.

Selena will be drawn on an angle, so be sure to keep that in mind when tackling this lesson. You will begin sketching out the actual structure of Selena's face including her hair line. Be sure to include the ear as well.

Step 3.

You will now sketch out the eyebrows, the side lining of her nose, then draw out her full lips. Be sure to take your time so that her features come through.

Step 4.

Finish sketching out the shapes of her eyes like so, then add the thick lashes. You will also need to make sure that her eyes are very expressive. Sketch in the crinkle between the eyebrows, as well as the crease or fold lines under the eyes. Draw in   

Step 5.

Here is where we will start drawing out the area of bite infliction. I decided that Selena Gomez needed to be bit in the face because that is one of the more recognizable characteristics to Selena Gomez. You will start by carefully sketching out the    

Step 6.

This is my favorite part because it's where we will be drawing out her long wavy hair. Start at the top and start drawing the parted hair. Follow the flow as it falls gracefully down the sides of her face and on her shoulders. Sketch out her neck the   

Step 7.

Whenever I draw hair, I draw the outlines really thick and then use thinner, closer lines for the inner detailing. This will avoid the eye from becoming distracted and confused if you use excessive boldness of lines throughout your drawing.

Step 8.

For the last step all you have to do is sketch in all the detailing to her luxurious hairstyle. When that is done sketch in more wounds on her neck, then add all the definition and detailing to the neck and muscle tissue as well. Selena should come o   

Step 9.

Here is the line art when you are all done. Now you can color in this zombie drawing of Selena Gomez.

Step 10.

If you're going to color your zombie Selena, it's best to keep in mind that zombies generally have muted skin tones. This is because they are rotting, and it's important to have clammy skin textures with maybe a few rotted spots subtly indicated (lik   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: August 14, 2012
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Description: Hey guys! Ok, seeing that the zombie version of Justin Bieber was a success, I went ahead and turned on my livestream this afternoon, and started drawing Selena Gomez from scratch in zombie form. I had a total blast with all of those who watched (and there were around 75 consistent viewers the whole stream). Anyways, I decided to go ahead and make this a bit more artistic with the coloring and all, taking my time with the shading and highlighting. Also, if you've seen the stream, I used a color palette ahead of time for the coloring, and then adjusting the colors slightly, based on the levels of shadows. When you 'zombifiy' someone, you must keep in mind that the facials should be closely similar to the actual person, because when you add wounds and deep rotted pits in the skin, the face will be come identifiable, which is not what we want. I decided to draw Selena's eyes higher to add a sort of 'gazing' look to her approach. Well, I hope you guys will enjoy working on this one! Peace and love guys, don't forget to leave your requests in the comments on what zombie celebrity you'd like to see next!