How to Draw Toy Bonnie From Five Nights at Freddys 2


Start off by drawing the head shape for Toy Bonnie like so.


Now you will draw in the mouth and nose area. Color in a nose, then make a bottom shape for the lower part of the mouth.


Turn that shape into a lip, then proceed to step four.


Draw and color in the eyebrows, then make the circles for the cheeks. You will fill the mouth with some teeth as well.


Draw the large shapes of the eyes and then make the lids.


Make the marks around the eyes and then make the long lashes. You will also need to draw in the eyeballs, then color in the pupils and whisker holes.


To make Toy Bonnie's character even more defined, you will draw in the large ears in two sections.


Add the detailing inside the ears, then you can begin erasing the mistakes.


That's it, you are ready to color in Toy Bonnie using the colors you see in the finished thumbnail image at the top. Great work people!

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December 26, 2014

Description: I have yet another lesson on a character from Five Nights at Freddy's and I know that you have seen this face before. Here we will learn "how to draw Toy Bonnie", step by step. I have a lesson on a chibi version of Toy Bonnie that everyone liked so why not fill another request and make this delightful looking rabbit faced character. I still can't get over how much Five Nights at Freddy's exploded. There is literally so many requests for me to keep making more and more tuts on your favorite animatronic animal figures. Anyways, have fun with this one and I will be back in a bit with more.

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