How to Draw Bonnie the Bunny Easy


Simply make a circle then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Using the head guide you just made, draw the actual structure for Bonnie the Bunny's head. You will also need to draw in the muzzle for the bunny too.


Make an egg shape and color it in for the nose. Then draw a straight vertical line from the nose down to the end of the lip.


The facial guidelines should be utilized here to draw out the large hollow holes which will house the eyeballs. Color in the hollows and color in the pupils.


Here you will draw the bottom lip or jaw like so.


Now draw in the tops for the ears. This should look like pads.


Make the lining to create the skin tissue inside the ears, then make seam lines in the center for the ears.


Lastly, draw the teeth inside the mouth, then erase your mistakes.


Here is how Bonnie the Bunny comes out looking when finishing this lesson drawing Bonnie easy.

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November 21, 2014

Description: Over the past couple weeks I have seen so many character tutorials from of Five Nights at Freddy's. I know some may be sick of seeing this face, but then again there are others that will be thrilled. Here is how to draw Bonnie the Bunny easy. Even though this guy has a feminine name, Bonnie the Bunny is all male. I think you guys will have a blast using this lesson because you will be able to draw Bonnie without any mishaps and if you do have them, at least they will be very minute. Anyways, have fun and stick around because there is more excitement coming your way.

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