How to Draw Toby Turner, Toby Turner, Tobuscus

Artist: Dawn / October 25, 2011

Step 1.

First, begin with the basic guidelines that will structure Toby's face. Take your time and care for the steps you work on as things can shift unpredictably when you rush. Try drawing these guides lightly on your paper or merely trace them over and dr   

Step 2.

Then, let's shift our concentration to the face shape of Tobuscus. Please take note this step is CRITICALLY important since the face shape will mold the areas to place the facials features. Remember to take your time and concentrate where you sketch    

Step 3.

Next, let's sketch the pupil stage of the eyes, paying attention to their placement and how similar they are from one another due to the perspective. You'll want to draw his eyes widened yet confused since this is his signature look.

Step 4.

Let's finish up the eyes, lightly drawing the outlines of the iris and darkening the pupil quite nicely. Make sure the pupil doesn't take too much space of the iris since you don't want him to look 'void-eyed'.

Step 5.

Next, time to sketch the mouth and teeth, keeping in mind that his teeth DO NOT cover the entire inside of the mouth. Remember, this is Tobuscus's signature look and everything should look very similar to it. Keep in mind the nostril should be tilted   

Step 6.

Fun stuff indeed! Here we'll be sketching the final shape of his head with hair. The hair (to be simplistic) should be curled in various directions for a realistic 'Tobified' hairstyle. If you will, sketch a few ruffs of hair in light, hatched lines.

Step 7.

Lastly, finish off by drawing his collar and shirt (I wanted to customize my own clothing for Tobuscus since I'm cool that way). I've went ahead and added a ruffled collar for him since it's easier for ya'll to draw.

Step 8.

With further proof checking and cleanup, you should have something similar to this. If you're feeling brave, go ahead and shade this drawing and use my preview picture 'grayscaled' so you'll have a map on where to shade areas. The drawing will look m   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 25, 2011
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Description: So, I've been getting lashed at with SO many requests for me to “draw Toby Turner” from YouTube, or other known as 'Tobuscus'. He's getting rather popular on the YT video culture and I happened to watch a few videos spotlighting his random endeavors of his life. Some of the videos are funny, but some of them are too random where it's hard to get a kick out of. I've watched Toby's gaming channel where he played 'Dead Space 2', and they were entertaining, though, the 'Ijustine' gaming channel is pretty lame since girls are rarely funny/interesting when doing gameplays. I find Tobuscus to be quite the spunk when he does these crazy and unpredictable outbursts of energy. He likes to begin his videos by greeting viewers with 'Audience' or 'Intro of Darkness Then Redness Then Whiteness'. All in all, he's a talented YouTuber who's been online since 2006. I've first heard of him a few months ago from the featured videos on YT. He's pretty cool and I hope his career flourishes. The preview picture was painted in PS in a matter of three hours. I hope ya'll enjoy this treat as I had so much fun painting his eyes and the actual tutorial. Thanks for viewing and peace out!