How to Draw Skrillex, Sonny Moore


Start out by picking your pencils. This drawing pretty much centers on only three pencils: F (sketching/lines), HB (shading/background), and B (dark lines/shading). You may also need darker pencils like 2B and 3B if you find that your B pencil isn't    


Start out by making a light/rough sketch of the head and shoulders using either an F or HB pencil. Use the guidelines if you need them.


Your finished sketch should look something like this. Try to clean up your guidelines as much as possible.


Now use your F or HB pencil to start defining the lines/features a bit more. Keep your lines light. Start at the eyes/glasses and make your way outward.


Define the rest of the facial features a bit more.


Lightly sketch in a few hair strands just to get an idea of the hair-flow down.


Now take an HB pencil and roughly shade over the drawing. Make sure that you are shading as lightly as possible.


Use a cloth or paper towel to lightly blend in your shading. If you do this lightly enough, you won't loose to much of your linework.


Now erase away the highlights of the face. White erasers work best for this.


Now start adding details and shading by starting at the eyes/glasses and moving down. You'll have to decide for yourself which pencils to use but I found myself mostly using an F pencil on the face. I occasionally used a B pencil to darken my lines a   


Go ahead and define his nose and ears. Don't forget his gauge piercing.


Now move on down to the mouth and chin. Don't forget his "snake bite" Labret piercings.


Now put a layer of shading around the head. Hint at the shading under the chin and the forehead shading.


Now start drawing in the hair. I decided to start on the right side. I found that a B pencil worked best here but you can also use an F pencil.


Now start shading in the rest of his hair.


Finish up the hair and develop the under chin shading a bit more.


Shade in the rest of the drawing. I used an HB pencil and blending stump to work on the background. You can go over the darker parts of your drawing with a 2B or 3B pencil if you need to make your shading darker. I hope you all liked this tutorial. C   

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October 19, 2011

Description: I now continue my quest to improve my portrait drawing with this tutorial on how to draw Sonny Moore, a.k.a Skrillex. I've actually never heard any of his music but if you're a Skrillex fan let me know what you would consider to be his best piece of music and I'll be sure to give it a listen!

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