How to Draw Tinkerbell Easy


Here is a draw sheet that consists of five steps and a finished line art step to drawing Tinkerbell easy. Start by making a circle for the head, and then lightly sketch in the facial guideline. You will then begin sketching out the structure of her f   


Now let's draw Tinkerbell on a larger scale. Again begin with a round shape for her head guide as well as a facial guideline drawn in the middle like so.


You will then sketch out the shape of her face. try to keep the chubby characteristics of her face when tackling this step. Include the lining for her ear, and then draw the side-burn of her hair.


Continue on with sketching out the rest of her head and or hairstyle. Tink has Tomboyish bangs that just rest on her forehead. Draw those in using some chunky strands like so.


You will then draw in her big bun, then add the elastic or ribbon that she uses to hold up her hair.


We will finish off her face by using the facial guidelines to begin the process of drawing in her big almond shaped eyes. Add her pretty lashes, and then draw the eyebrows as well as darken them in. Sketch the crease line for her eyelid, then draw he   


And lastly, draw her neck, shoulders, and some definition lines to show her arms and chest. Erase your mistakes to clean up Tinkerbell and to prepare her for color.


The finished sketch comes out looking like the one you see here. You can leave your drawing as a sketched image, or you can choose to color her in with some bright vivid colors. No matter what you choose it will be great in the end!

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March 27, 2012

Description: Hey everyone, sorry I returned so late today but I had a lot of work to do with some of the lessons that I was trying to make. Since everyone likes the sketched drawings I have been making, I thought a nice version on Tinkerbell would be liked as well. The sketch of Tinkerbell came out so good. I really like her face and how I managed to keep those cheeks of hers looking chubby like they normally do. Disney's Tinkerbell has been one of my favorite Disney characters of all time since I was a young girl. I guess you could say I liked her because she had spunk, and personality for a female figure. My eight year old sister really loves all the Tinkerbell movies and so far she has three of them. I asked her if she wanted the sing-a-long series, but she said no because there is nothing funny about a bunch of fairies singing and dancing. Barbie is another figure that she takes a liking to, but only if barbie is dressed up as a mermaid or fairy. Although she does like the one where Odette is portrayed by Barbie in Swan Lake. Anyways, this drawing should be simple enough for anyone to follow. I have confidence that you will be successful at drawing Tinkerbell easy. I shall return with some more neat, and exciting tutorials so stay tuned in while the night is still young. Adios people and enjoy!

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