How to Draw Zombie Tinkerbell, Zombie Tinkerbell

Artist: Dawn / October 5, 2011

Step 1.

Lets begin the first step by drawing out the shape of Tink's head and then draw in the framing for her body guides which is also drawn in a way to dictate her pose. Sketch in the facial guides and move along to step two.

Step 2.

In step two you will begin sketching out the shape of her face like so, and then draw out her puffy and messy hairstyle. Take your time so you can make her style just right.

Step 3.

This is probably one of the more difficult steps to tackle because you will be drawing Tinkerbell's face. Start with the eyebrows, and then using the facial guides, sketch in her pretty almond shaped eyes, and then draw in her exposed internal nose,    

Step 4.

Starting from under her jaw, begin drawing the body. Sketch the shoulders, and arms like so, and notice how the left forearm is missing. Instead of the arm you will draw in bone. Sketch in her torso, curvy waist and her hips. Give her a little cleava   

Step 5.

Finish sketching out the length of her dress and be sure to draw in the ends ripped tattered, and very worn. Sketch in her right hand, and then you can begin the drawing process of getting her cuts, scraps, and gashes drawn as well. Don't forget to d   

Step 6.

Next as you can see you will be drawing out her battered fairy wings. Put some holes, rips, and tears on her wings and then draw in her signature hair bun.

Step 7.

After most of the hard work is done, all you need to do is draw out Tinkerbell's legs and feet. As you can see I drew her with one shoe missing on the same side of her missing arm. This leads me to believe that what ever happened to her arm, must hav   

Step 8.

Now that you are done, you should have this drawing that is all done up and ready to color. I hope you had fun with this lesson, its time to color her in.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 5, 2011
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Description: There is two epic lessons going up today and both of them are based on zombie figures. The first one I’m going to submit is on a very pretty pixie, but now that she has been infected, she is now not so cute. To kick things off the right way, I will show you "how to draw zombie Tinkerbell>", step by step. She is probably one of my favorite tutorials of the day and even though I don’t like the color pallet I used for her or the background but my sister and brother liked it so I decided to keep it colored the way it is. Anyways, Tinkerbell is one of my favorite Disney characters because she is like one of the oldest cartoon figures that I remember being a big fan of when I was a little girl. Even though Tink has her whole forearm and hand missing, as well as her nose, he still looks cute and somewhat pretty. Yeah I know that making a tutorial on "how to draw zombie Tinkerbell" is basically turning a favorite character into a monster, I figured that she would make one heck of a cool Halloween altered pixie to make. Well, I guess that’s about it, stay tuned in for more drawing fun you crazy bunch of artistic people!