How to Draw the Navy SEAL Trident


We will first make the guides for the eagle head then sketch in the cross for the anchor and eagle body.


Next, sketch out the shape of the head like so, then draw in the small hook shaped beak.


Next we will sketch in the bottom jaw or mandible. This is also the rest of the eagles beak. When that is done you can color in the eye, and move to step four.


Start right at the center of the eagles head. Draw the eye hole for the anchor. This is where chain goes. Add the small wing like shapes on the side of the hole, then sketch in the definition lines.


You will now draw the pistol or at least the outline of the pistol. Add the hammer at the top and then sketch in the eagle's talon.


Detail the pistol and then draw the shaft of the trident. When that is done make sure to draw in the eagle talon as well.


Finish drawing the anchor and then finish the trident. Add detailing where needed and then you are done with this step.


We will work on the eagle next. Sketch out the wide spread wings like so, then make sure the feathers are nicely drawn.


Detail the wings and when you do this be sure to add that dimpling in the center of each feather.


Finally draw out the tail, then sketch in some smaller feathers on the inner thighs of the bird. Erase the mistakes and you are finished.


Here you have the Navy Seal trident. Color it in and do what you want with your sketch. Great work people.

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December 27, 2013

Description: There are more and more people joining the military in the United States and it's not just our land soldiers that are making headway even more. Today I will be showing you "how to draw the Navy SEAL Trident", step by step. The trident is made up of a couple different things. First you have the anchor which is an older style one. The anchor symbolizes the Navy and how they are the parent service which is readily available to the United States on land and in the sea to withhold peace. Next is the trident. This object symbolizes how the SEAL's have a strong connection to the sea. The old pistol in the insignia represents the Navy SEALS force on land. And finally you have the mighty eagle, which has always been the United States signature bird that represents freedom, and how the SEAL's can quickly insert themselves to air combat from land or sea. I like the insignia because it is part of my country and there is a real sense of obligation to the trident. I hope you have fun drawing the Navy SEAL trident as well. Stick around because there is more on the way for ya'll.

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