How to draw an Eagle

Artist: Joeman / January 22, 2014

Step 1.

First draw an outline of the eagle and branch. Draw the outline lightly.

Step 2.

Now draw the head, beak and eyes of the eagle. Add some texture to them by shading accordingly as shown on the image.

Step 3.

Smudge the texture as shown on the image and rub out any smudging which goes out of boundaries.

Step 4.

Draw the feathery front of the eagle with the black spots inside. Then give a light shade to the feathery front.

Step 5.

Give the feathery front some smudging. Don't blend the light texture with the black spots.

Step 6.

Draw the feathers on the wing.

Step 7.

Shade the wing and give it some smudging.

Step 8.

Draw the feathers on the back of the eagle.

Step 9.

Do some shading and smudging on the back.

Step 10.

Draw the tail feathers and the feathers near them.

Step 11.

Give the feathers you have drawn some shading and smudging (lightly).

Step 12.

Draw the leg and foot with the nails. Draw some details and texture on the leg and give it some dark shading and some smudging.

Step 13.

Draw the branch with the details on it.

Step 14.

Give it some shading and smudging.

Step 15.

Add some more detail on the branch and tidy up the whole picture and the eagle is complete.

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Artist: Joeman
Date Added: January 22, 2014
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Tags: draw eagles, how to draw eagles
Description: How to draw an eagle on a branch. For this you will need a modestly sharpened HB pencil. You will also need a rubber and also something to smudge with (I used tissue paper).