How to Draw the GTA Bikini Girl


Start the first step by making the mannequin for the body pose like you see here. This includes the head, torso, and pelvic area. Sketch in the facial guidelines, arm guides and hands.


Using the head guide sketch out the structure of bikini girl's face. Draw the hairline which is parted and long.


Up next, draw in her face which is nicely trimmed eyebrows, pretty eyes with long thick lashes, then draw the nose, mouth and frown lines.


Draw in some of her forearm and then her hand. The back part of the hand is what you need to draw because she will be holding her cell phone.


Now draw the cell phone like you see here. Obviously it's some form of Android or Apple model.


Now we will tackle the task of drawing her upper body starting with the neck, chest, and bikini top straps. Also add a ring on her middle finger.


Add the rest of the lining to form her bikini top, then draw in her cleavage.


Draw in the rest of her hairstyle which is long, straight and well combed.


Begin drawing her other hand which is in a peace sign gesture.


Draw in both arms, then add a ribbon like bracelet on her left wrist.


Here you will draw the shape of her very curvy body. As you can see you only have to draw down to the upper thighs. Don't worry, she will be wearing clothes.


Draw in her bikini bottoms along with the bow tied straps on the side of her hip.


For the last step all you have to do is draw trimming for the bikini bottom, and then add detailing or definition to her belly. Erase the mistakes and guides.


And there you have it, a finished drawing of the Bikini Girl from GTA 5. Color her in and show off the work.

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May 6, 2014

Description: I'm sure those of you are fans of GTA 5 recognize the bikini babe you see before you now. I don't know is she has an actual name, but since a lot of people are mysteriously drawn to this chic, I thought making a lesson on "how to draw GTA Bikini Girl", step by step. She is the tall blond that is wearing the small red bikini on the beach holding her cell phone as she takes a selfie as she gives the 'peace' hand gesture. There has been artwork submitted by a member on some pretty cool GTA characters so I was kind of inspired to make this lesson on drawing the GTA bikini girl. Besides, summer is almost here which means she's a good fit for the season to come. Anyways, that's my story and here is the lesson. If you would like to see more GTA characters as lessons just let me know.

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