How to Draw Surfer Waves, Wave Tattoo

Artist: Dawn / January 3, 2022

Step 1.

First, lightly draw a loose structure of a heart shape.

Step 2.

Begin drawing the left side of the wave first. This should include the foam cap and the detailing along the inside.

Step 3. Detailing the Water

Use thin lines to sketch the detailing of the water into the wave.

Step 4.

Then, draw the right wave that curls inwards to form a heart shape towards the left wave. Keep the curls of the water dynamic.

Step 5. More Water Detailing

Next, sketch in detailing for the water.

Step 6.

Lastly, draw dynamic specs of flying water revolving around the wave heart to add movement to the piece.

Step 7.

Review your drawing using this as a proof reference and ink it out with either a pen or sharpie marker once you're satisfied with your version. Keep posted on more future tutorials by me by following or adding me as a friend here on, guy   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: January 3, 2022
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Description: Man, I'm so excited to FINALLY get around to submitting this tutorial. I was so proud with the outcome of this one as it was surfer inspired. If I had it my way and was a rich person, I'd totally have a beautiful house alongside the beach, where I can watch surfers riding the waves, and having constant - consistent warm sunsets everyday. But then again, how can you appreciate the warmth without the cold (and vice versa). That is besides the point, in this wicked cool tutorial, I will show you in very simple steps how to draw surfer tattoo waves. This was so much fun to work on, I loved coloring the concept the most. Let me know what you folks think of this and if you have any other ideas for tattoo tutorials! Don't be shy to duel me in a DrawingHub battle either!