How to Draw Ron Weasley, Anime Ron Weasley, Harry Potter


First, we must begin drawing the guidelines, which will help you proportion accurately. Make sure you draw the guidelines as close to these as possible to ensure the capability to draw just like the picture is above. DRAW THESE LIGHTLY! Do not draw b   


Then, let's draw the shape of the face and the beginning regions of his eyes. Make sure they are as bold as shown. If you wish, you could make them thinner to create a more realistic and manly appearance.


Next, we will finish the facial detailing: the eyes, nose and detailing, mouth, and the brows which are drawn not too thick nor thin. This is a perfect feature of Anime Ron that will show his 'ginger' effects.


Finish off his head by drawing edgy and a bit messy hair. Ron in the newest Potter movie "Deathly Hallows" has messy hair that covers most of his brows. In this case, he will have visible brows.


Let's begin drawing the body by sketching the neck and collar of his sweater. Notice in the preview picture, that his sweater is of Gryffindor's colors. Sketch lightly before you are ready to finalize the step.


Next, we will draw the extended arm that will soon become his hand holding the wand. Draw the ruffles in between areas that contribute most of the force (joints).


Taking your time, draw the hand finger by finger and lightly. Make sure you are aware of each line you make that build up the whole. Draw the hand FIRST before you sketch the wand between the hand.


Lastly, sketch the striped pattern that overlay his clothing. Later on, you can color him any colors you like.


With further proof checking and reviewing of your proportions, you should have something similar to this. If you'd like to challenge yourself, get a black pen or marker and ink over you drawing; later on you can color him in. I would prefer using Cop   

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November 29, 2011

Description: How about another Harry Potter based tutorial? It seems the last two were successful, so what I did last night was sketch up a few renditions of Ron Weasley and ended up with this. For those who have watched me color Ron live last night, thank you so much for doing so. This was a blast to work on and I've learned a few unique skills from doing so. Make sure the pencils you use are lightweight and varied in softness. If not, a regular mechanical pencil will do, maybe later on you could decide to shade it black in white or color. The coloring process for Ron was really fun, I had to match various skin tones and clothing colors that I thought would be fit for him. Don't forget to follow me on Facebook to get tutorial updates and other fun stuff. Anyways, I bets get moving on with my other tuts. I've got a few surprise requests at hand. Thank you so much for viewing and don't forget to suggest/request your tutorial ideas!

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