How to Draw Anime Harry Potter, Harry Potter


The first step is going to be very simple because all you are doing is making the head shape for Harry and then you will need to sketch in the face and upper body guides.


Now you will begin sketching out the shape of the face structure for Harry's face. Be sure to include the shapes of the ears.


As you know Harry's eyebrows are thick and very prominent. Once you draw in and color the eyebrows, continue on with drawing out the eyes, thicken the eyelids, and then sketch in the nose, and mouth. Add some detailing inside of the ear and move to s   


This is probably the easiest step because all you have to do is draw in Harry's eyeglasses which are round and pretty to the point.


Next, we'll start sketching the hair for Harry. Notice how I did the version of hair that Harry stylizes in Deathly Hallows 1 & 2. Use curved lines that swirl outwards to the sides of his forehead, parting in the middle.


Then, we'll start drawing the collar around his neck, making him look more like a gentleman, and wizard. Make sure the collar dips are in the proper length and dimensions.


Lastly, finish the rest of his portrait by drawing the finishing details of his clothing. Draw the left shoulder shorter compared to his right. This is because of the perspective Harry is in.


With further perfection of your lines, you should have something similar to this. Take a pen or black thin marker to ink out your drawing with similar line weights as mine. The reason I make my lines so thin, is because of the coloring. If I made thi   

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November 28, 2011

Description: So, furthering my tut expertise on more Harry Potter characters, I thought “hey, why not do a tutorial on 'how to draw anime Harry Potter', step by step”? I mean, I have a regular Harry Potter tutorial, but I don't have an easy and fun rendition of him. This was drawn in a variety of poses: first him holding a wand at a frontal pose, and the second of him standing ¾ view with his arms crossed. I thought it was too much like the Snape tutorial, so, I finalized with the tutorial you see before you. The process was fun, and I learn something every time when I go through these phases of rendering. You can watch my livestreams to see how the artwork is made. In the upcoming stream, I will be doing an anime celebrity for those who want to watch. Keep checking the front page of Drago at 8 PM EST, weekdays. Anyways, I hope you'll have fun with this lesson, I enjoyed my time working on it. Thanks so much for viewing and leave you anime suggestions in the comments below. Take care and have fun!

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