How to Draw the Barbarian Boss from Castle Crashers


Make three circles, one for the head, a large one for the torso, and then an end piece for the buttucks area. Attach the hindquarters to the torso with a body guide and sketch in the facial guidelines.


Here is where you will draw out the shape of Barbarian Boss' head. When that is done draw the horns, then add some scruff for the chin lining.


Make the masking line on the face like so, then draw in the eyes, mouth and spots on the forehead. You will also need to add some detailing to the horns too.


Sketch out the body starting with the large hairy hunched over back. Then draw in the wide, muscular arm. Before you leave this step you will draw the chest and strap that runs across the chest.


Draw the rest of the arms followed by the big boxy hands which are in a fist pose. Draw the legs and feet, followed by the small loin cloth.


Make the bandages around the forearm of the Barbarian Boss, then draw in the markings on the chest, belly and arms. You will also need to add the nipple.


For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw the large stone that Barbarian Boss carries on his back. As you can see there are also spikes on this stone. Erase the mistakes if you made any.


And that's it. You are all done with drawing Barbarian Boss. Color him in and add this drawing to your other Castle Crashers characters.

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May 29, 2013

Description: Hello one and all and welcome back to another lesson that will be both fun and exciting. I have for you a lesson on "how to draw Barbarian Boss", step by step. The Barbarian Boss is from the game ‘Castle Crashers’. I uploaded a few lessons on other figures from the game a while back, but someone asked if I could also make a tutorial on drawing Barbarian Boss as well. So here is the big, heavyweight leader of the barbarians all ready for you to tackle. If you have played this game before you should be familiar with the attacks, weapons and armor. Even though I don't play Castle Crashers, I did have a good time recreating the monster you see before you now. Enjoy this tut folks, and stick around for more lessons on the way.

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