How to Draw Gajeel, Gajeel Redfox


The first step is a combo step which includes all the steps needed to complete the drawing of Gajeel from the side view. Start with the head guide, then draw in the shape of the face starting with the forehead, nose and chin. You will then draw in th   


From the lesson in step one your end results come out looking like the profile drawing you see here on Gajeel.


Now let's start drawing Gajeel as he looks in the main thumbnail image of this tutorial. Start with a head shape, then draw the shoulders and facial guidelines.


Now define the shape of Gajeel's face, then draw in the sharp hairline and his ears.


Now we will utilize the guidelines to draw in the face. start with Gajeel's bold eyes, then draw the nose and mouth. Add some skin texture definition then draw the piercings. End this step by drawing some of the detailing inside the ear.


We will step away from the head and face to draw Gajeel's neck and shirt collar. Add the opening to the shirt as well.


Up next, draw the shoulders and some of the arm too. You will then draw in the first chunks of the thick hair.


Okay here we go. Finish drawing Gajeel's head by drawing all of the wild big hair. The ends or edges should be long points.


Lastly add detailing to the shirt collar. Add some small circles and then draw the thick designed suspenders. Add some scuffs on the shirt and neck too. Erase all your mistakes and you are all done.


Here is the line art. Now you can add some awesome color to finish the drawing.

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November 12, 2014

Description: I spent some time on the next lessons that will be getting uploaded next and that includes this one on "how to draw Gajeel". Gajeel Redfox is a dragon slayer who was brought up from the dragon Metalicana. He has long black hair that is in shards or pointed thick layers. His face is really interesting because he has a series of peircing located above the brow, along the sides of his nose and one in his chin. For those that don't know Gajeel is from the Fairy Tail anime/manga series. I have other lessons on different characters so enjoy yourself as you browse through the section to the right where you will find other lessons on drawing Fairy Tail characters.

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