How to Draw Junko, Junko Enoshima


Start off by making the head and chest guide shape like so then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Just define the shape of Junko's face like so and add some hair starting with the fluffy bangs.


Once the outer shapes of her eyes are draw along with the eyebrows, you can finish the eyes by adding the eyeballs. Draw in her nose and mouth as well.


Complete the head shape by drawing her hair. Add some bear shaped heads for the barrettes, then draw the ear.


Add faces to the bear barrettes, then move to step six.


Here you will draw the shape of her neck, then draw the high wrap around blouse collar. Don't forget to draw the choker around her neck too.


Almost done people. Draw the tie under the collar cuffs, then draw another bow tie on the right side of her jacket.


Draw big, wavy pigtails and add detailing to Junko's hair.


Finish the body by drawing the arms, chest and sleeves. Detail the now and erase the guides and mistakes.


Your line art is done people. Color in Junko and show people who you can draw or did draw.

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November 12, 2014

Description: Here is a new character from an anime/manga that I never heard of. Since I am not familiar with the character in this tutorial, I will not go into detail about her bio because none of the information would be correct. Instead, I will just show you how to draw Junko from Danganronpa. Her full name is Junko Enoshima and to me I think she is very pretty. Drawing this Danganronpa figure should be fun because I enjoyed making it. Adios amigos!

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