How to Draw an X-Wing, X-Wing Starfighter

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Start with a box like shape in the center of the drawing and then draw the two lines on each side of the ship's body. These lines are for the wings.


For the second step, you will use the ship's body guide and draw in the actual frame for the X-Wing. This is an oblong shape like you see here.


In the back of the ship, draw the two tubular shapes for the X-Wing's engines. You will also detail them but not to an extreme.


Moving forward, draw the wings. Notice they are flat and long and open like a mouth. Detail these wings the way you see it done in this step.


You will finish the left wings and then when that is done you can draw the four guns or laser guns on each side of the ship. There is another engine that you have to draw in as well.


Lastly, draw in the detailing to the ships body and draw the windows to the hull or cockpit. Once that is complete and you are satisfied with the drawing you can erase the mistakes and guidelines.


Here is the line art folks. All you need to do now is color in your Starfighter or X-Wing Starfighter.

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December 28, 2017

Description: Expect to see lessons based on either characters or machines from Star Wars because I will be making some cool tutorials for everyone to enjoy. Starting with this first tut, I will show you how to draw an X-Wing Starfighter, step by step. As all you Star Wars fans know, the Starfighter is a ship that the Rebel Alliance uses to take battle in space as they try and defeat their enemies. I didn't want to make anything too difficult so what you will find is a pretty simple lesson on drawing a Starfighter. Do you remember Luke Skywalker was a pilot of an X-Wing and had R2-D2 as his co-pilot in the back? Anyways, enjoy yourselves and I will prepare the next lesson to enjoy.

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