How to Draw Tove Lo


Let us begin drawing Tove Lo by sketching out the head/face guide like so. You will then need to draw in the facial guidelines.


Instead of defining the shape of Tove Lo's face, we will draw in the two long curly strands of hair that frames her face.


Complete the shape of her head by drawing the rest of her hairstyle. As you know Tove Lo has long wavy hair that is in a plain, simple parted style.


Now you can draw the shape of her face. When that is done draw the lining to create a shirt line and necklace.


Let's draw in the beginning steps to form her eyes. Make two almond shapes like so, then draw in the crease at the top to form a slightly closed eyelid.


Sketch in the sides of the nose between the eyes, then draw out and color in the eyebrows.


Finish drawing Tove Lo's pretty eyes and be sure to add the lashes.


Lastly, draw in the nose, mouth and lips. With the nose you have to make sure you have colored in nostrils. Erase all the guidelines, shapes and mistakes.


Here is the line art all you need to do now is add some shading and color.

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November 30, 2014

Description: Here is a new artist that is making a name for herself in a big way. The inspiration to make a lesson on "how to draw Tove Lo" came from the two week repeated replay of the song 'Habits (Stay High)' from my sister who has been addicted to the song. The consistent replay made me watch the video which then made me a fan of the song. Tove Lo is from Sweden and has a very distinct sound and style. The song that put her in the spotlight is 'Habits' and I think the popularity comes from the words used in the song, and the video portrayal of a young woman who is seemingly lost in life. What she is lost from has a few different meanings including lost love, addiction, addiction from lost love, or lost love because of an addiction, pain from loosing someone you loved because he/she gave you up and you don't know how to deal with the pain so you consistently lead your life in a path of destruction leading to promiscuity, loss of self, loss of faith, loss of hope, and most importantly, lost of sanity. Tove Lo's song Habits is sad no matter what you think it means because in the end all the meanings can be explained using one word...lost. Enjoy drawing Tove Lo, I will be back in a bit with more tuts for all so stick around.

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