How To Draw Spheal

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First, you start out with a basic circle. To the bottom right of the circle, add in what looks like a tail. On the bottom again, add in two small flippers.


Draw in the cute little ears and add two little bumps on the left handside for its mouth. Bring the same curve all the way down to the bottom flipper. Add in three ovals on its back.


Erase the part on the left where the mouth overlaps the circle and add in two little sharp teeth. Add in two eyes. Make sure to leave a small white spot in the corner of the eyes to show depth. And then right below the eyes, add two small lines for t   


When you are done, darken in the outline and it should look like this. There you go- you're done! I hope this tutorial helped! Thank you!

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July 29, 2009

Description: Well, this is my thrid ever Pokemon tutorial and I decided to do another really cute Pokemon. This time it is a water/ice type Pokemon that evolves a total of two times. At level 32, Spheal evolves into Sealeo and at level 44, Sealeo evolves into Walrein. Spheal can have either one of two abilities: 'Thick Fat' or 'Ice Body'. Its National Pokedex number is #363 and its Hoenn Pokedex number is #173. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and please rate and comment! Thanks!

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