How To Draw Galactic Commander Jupiter


Start out with the basic form of her body. Remember that she had curves and that the chest should be about two times the size of the facial area. Draw a curved line down the center of the face and draw another down the body and lead it into the side    


Fill in the hair on top of her face. On the right side is a ball of hair and on the top, there is an oval. Darken in her arms and start the design on the outfit. Before moving on to the next step, draw the fingers in on her hand and fill in the detai   


Fill in more designs on her clothing. The arms of the outfit and below the breasts get lines. In the center of her chest, there is a small line with an arrow pointing downwards. On her right leg, draw in a cylinder/rectangle shape on the upper thigh.   


Finish the boots and pants on both legs. Note that the front of the boots are rounded and they have heels. Erase the lines inside the cylinder/rectangle you drew on her thigh earlier. Also erase the guidelines on the body. Do NOT erase the ones on he   


To finish up your drawing, all you have to do is draw in the Team Galactic logo in the center of her shirt on her chest and fill in the face and you're done. For the eyes, they are two rounded triangles pointing downwards. Use the guidelines to place   

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July 29, 2009

Description: I feel like I'm on a Pokemon streak this week and I didn't want to break it. If you are familiar with the newer Pokemon games and show, such as Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, then you know all about Team Galactic and their rise to power. In the newer games, Team Glactic has taken the place of Team Rocket, but the trouble has increased ten-fold. Falling under her commander Cyrus, Jupiter is a force to be reckoned with. She specializes in poison type Pokemon. mainly paired with her favorite Pokemon, Skuntank. Commander Jupiter first appeared in the tv show in Episode 97 and appeared in the games in Eterna City, where you must battle her to proceed. Now, let's begin the tutorial on 'How To Draw Commander Jupiter.' For more information on Commander Jupiter, visit this page:

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