How To Draw Jirachi

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I know it looks really strange, but this is how you begin to draw Jirachi. Three curved triangles, a small body and two little arms is all you need. Be sure to get this step as perfect as you can or else, when you move on to the next steps, it won't    


Begin to draw in the details by adding three rectangles on the sides and top center of Jirachis head. On both sides of the face, add two rounded figures that have the appearance of hanging from the face. On either side of the arms, draw in two small    


On the body, add a curved line- it curves downwards. On the face, add two little eyes and right below, add a little smiling mouth. NOTE: It might be hard to see it due to the blurry pictures, but the eyes have a little white dot in the upper-left han   


Erase and fill in all the overlapping lines to complete the body. Right below both eyes, draw a small triangle pointing downwards. (This may be hard to see because of the blur as well. Sorry!) But, when you've done that, you are finally done! I hope    

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July 29, 2009

Description: Still in my Pokemon status, here's another tutorial on a beautiful Pokemon. Jirachi is known as a 'Wish Pokemon' and is known to bring good fortune to those who can capture it. Its ability is 'Serene Grace' and it is a steel/psychic type Pokemon. Jirachi does not evolve at all. Its National Pokedex number is #385 and its Hoenn Pokedex number is #201. It is a very small Pokemon with a height of only 1 foot and a weight of only 2.4 pounds. It is mystical and extremely rare in any Pokemon game or show. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and don't forget to comment and rate! Thank you! (PS- I apologize ahead of time for the blurry pictures!)

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