How to draw Sonic the Hedgehog from Sonic Boom

How to draw Sonic the Hedgehog from Sonic Boom
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First you wanna draw the face part....( I don't know what thats called..) and the eye part...


Now you want to draw the spikes, So, basically different sized triangles.. After that, draw the eyebrows overtop of the eye outline.


Now your going to draw, the ears, nose, and scarf. Draw 2 small upwards triangles for the inside & outside of the ear. The nose sorta looks like a teardrop shape, so draw a sideways teardrop. For the scarf, draw a little blob thing where his neck wo   


Draw a circular rectangle for Sonic's body and small tube like arms.


Draw Sonic's right arm like his left. Sonic's legs are like really skinny noodles with oval shaped feet. Draw the tail like a triangle and his back spike like a triangle. Man, there are a lot of triangle shapes for this character.. O_o


Adding detail! Whoo hooo! okay, were like halfway done. you got the body done, so now all the details. For his scarf, just add lines like mine, so it looks almost real? (It just looks cooler with details.) For some reason sonic has bandages on his ar   


So, do that to his legs too(The bandages...) There seems to be more bandage on his right leg, but thats okay, it makes his outfit super cool. his shoes have a little tiny square under the bandage and a curvy line thing near the bottom..


Drawing the mouth, nose and eyes. OK. This is like the easiest part. For the mouth, draw a curved line. For the nose, draw a little circle near the top, and colour the rest in. For the eyes,(yes sorry i screwed up on his right eye... I'm using pen! d   


I think i basically just described this step in the one above....


And there you have it! Sonic the Hedgehog! Color him, optional.

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August 29, 2014

I believe that anyone can draw anything with a little effort :D (Drawing Sonic characters is really easy, so you'll do great!)

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