How to Draw Skids from Transformers 2

Artist: artistperson95 / April 18, 2010

Step 1.

In the first step, draw some guidelines for his head, arms, shoulders, and legs. Then draw a big square for the hand on the left of the drawing and a smaller square for the hand on the right. In the picture, he will be reaching his hand forward so yo   

Step 2.

In this step add the tire on his back and the metal plate things around his shoulders, and add some details around his arms.

Step 3.

Start adding in the shape of his fingers and the metal parts around his body. Keep adding shapes and details to his arms and above where his head will be.

Step 4.

Start adding details to his legs. He has a tire on each of them so draw in their basic shapes along with the shapes of his feet.

Step 5.

Start adding in the details of his hideous face and continue adding in shapes to the legs. It's important to know what your'e drawing and not to just draw details because it you just draw details it will look very 2D, so look at the reference picture   

Step 6.

Add more detail to his chest and legs. Really try to make the drawing look 3D.

Step 7.

Start filling in the blackest blacks of the darkest corners of the deepest secluded spots of his body. Don't be afraid to make them really dark black. I know it's hard to see the details and lines in these steps so CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO MAKE IT BIG   

Step 8.

Now shade everything else. This can either be his green paint or black and white shading. I did the shading because I can't color. Basicly draw the parts of metal that would reflect a lot of light as a light shade, and the parts of metal that would n   

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Artist: artistperson95
Date Added: April 18, 2010
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Description: I saw someone request that Dawn do a Skids and Mudflap tutorial, but they agreed that I could do it instead as long as it looks good. I tried to make it look as good as possible, but for the sake of making a tutorial and scanning it every couple minutes, I drew it a little faster than I would have liked to. Since you can't really have Skids without Mudflap, this is only part one of two of the tutorial. I used a reference picture, so you can look at this picture to tell what your'e actually trying to draw: