How to Draw a Chibi Transformer


First start with a circular head shape with facial guide lines, and draw out the 4 lines that will guide the arms and legs.


Now you can add in the chibi chin to the circle head shape. Go ahead and draw in circles for the eyes and mouth, as well as the rest of the body. Keep his feet really wide down at the bottom!


Now we can start drawing his helmet. Draw in the crest on his forehead and the shape of where his helmet will sit on his head. Draw in the vents on the side of his face and don't forget his cute little mecha antenna!


Now we can turn his ghost-looking face into a transformer face! Draw in the rest of the helmet and a second pass over the line that connects his helmet to his head. Draw in the detail for his vents and the holes at the top of his helmet. Draw circl   


Now we can start drawing in his body armor. Draw the pointed breastplate, and two little offshoots coming from the lower tip area of it. Draw in his curved groin plate and the armor that holds it in place!


Now you can add in the detail of the breast plate and groin plate. Draw a triangle point above the groin plate and draw a circle just above the point. Draw in the plate that guards his hip, but don't worry about the one under his other arm. It's h   


Now for the detail on his feet! Draw in the flat plates that will cover the side of his wide foot. Draw in the plate that his "toes" will be poking out of. Draw in the plates that stick out from the side of his toe plate and draw in some circles t   


Now we can move onto his arms! Draw in the long covers for his arm. Make sure you show the detail and that the plate doesn't go all the way around the arm underneath and draw in a long thin rectangle on the underside of his exposed arm. Draw in tw   


Before drawing the door "wings", draw in the four circles on the inside of his legs and the details on his arm plates. Now you can start drawing in the wings. Draw two little tires to show where the wings start on his back. Draw the basic outline    


Almost done! Now you can draw in the autobot symbol on his crest! Since it's so small and thin, I went ahead and drew a large version in the corner of the screen. Notice it is broken up into a bunch of different shapes. Try drawing each shape ind   


Hurray! Great job! Now you have your very own Transformer to color! Let me know how the coloring goes, I love to see how everyone does!

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December 16, 2010

Description: Hey guys, I'm really excited about this tutorial! I don't normally draw anything mecha-like but I drew up this tutorial on "<em><strong>how to draw a chibi transformer</em></strong>"! I decided to draw up bumblebee from the movie Transformers since he was a little bit more detailed than the old school bumblebee. Still love the old school one though! I hope everyone enjoys!

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