How to Draw Jazz, Transformers

Artist: KingTutorial / February 11, 2011

Step 1.

Let's draw Jazz. Movie Jazz. Live-Action Movie Jazz. There are so many different versions of this character. Perhaps I'll get around to doing the others at some point, but for now we're tackling his latest incarnation from the 2007 film. Let's begin    

Step 2.

Moving on to the arms, draw a large oval for each shoulder. The tires from his vehicle mode will be stored here later. Then draw a marshmallow for each bicep. Keep these about the same size as his head.Two more big ovals for the forearms. Angle these   

Step 3.

Thunder Thighs. Draw a curved line downward for each side of the thighs, and add an arch to connect them just above each kneecap. We're leaving room for the kneepads here and trying to avoid too much overlapping in the underdrawing. Draw a cartoony "   

Step 4.

If you're working with paper and pencil, either lightly erase the sketch to lighten it, or use a piece of tracing paper. If you're on the computer, drop the opacity of your underdrawing to about 30%. To begin the body, draw a rounded rectangle in the   

Step 5.

Draw a pair of straight lines from the top of the head, like short insect antennae. Then draw a small curve down and outward, and a second curve back toward the side of the head. Do this for each side. Finish this step by drawing a tooth shape on eac   

Step 6.

Draw a "V" for the chin, and another "V" in the center of the face. Connect the point of each "V" with a vertical line. This completes the faceplate, and the shape of the visor. (It actually looks kind of like Optimus Prime now)

Step 7.

Draw a pair of curves below the chestplate, creating a tube shape. Staying with the underdrawing, draw another curve down each side of the torso, and then curve back upward to the diamond shape.

Step 8.

Here you want to draw a cartoony, bubbly "T" shape just below the diamond. Then leave a small space and draw a cartoony "V" for the crotch plate.

Step 9.

Use cartoony "L" and "J" like shapes to draw the panels above the hips, and redraw the hips with a curved cut-out toward the center of the body.

Step 10.

Here we start to really armor this guy up. Draw a couple of rectangular panels on the shoulder and a rounded 5-pointed shape for the forearm. On the lower legs, think of a cartoony drawing compass (   

Step 11.

Begin this step by drawing a small sausage shape for the car door mirrors below each hip. For the rest of these armored plates, use a variety of rounded geometric shapes (triangles, rectangular, pentagrams). Imagine paper shapes wrapped around the eg   

Step 12.

Use curves to draw the front edge of the tire on each shoulder. Use "V" shapes to bulk up the shoulder area and connect each shoulder to the torso.

Step 13.

Draw curved bars for the collar bones and shoulder blades. Use angular shapes to continue the paneling on the arms.

Step 14.

Draw ovals for the front thigh armor. Use large diamond and pentagram-like shapes to wrap the armor around each forearm.

Step 15.

Draw a pair of small circles for the inner elbow on Jazz's right arm. Connect a small Tetris-like shape for some paneling. From here, you want to start bulking out the areas between the armor panels by using small blocks and triangle. Try to keep the   

Step 16.

Here you want to draw a pair of bars angled downward on each shin to form a large "V" shape. This is a major feature of the legs.

Step 17.

Add a sideways pentagram block above each bar, and draw blocky "H" shapes for the top of the feet. These H's are wider at the top and narrower toward the toe.

Step 18.

Draw a sideway pentagram block above each bar. Then draw an angular "H" shape for the top of each foot. This shape is broader at the top, and narrower toward the toe.

Step 19.

Use a series of straight lines to define the top of the foot and the toes. Draw caps on the bottom of the shin bars. Then begin to bulk up the sides of the lower legs.

Step 20.

Redraw the inner thighs with straight and curved lines. Use small, angular shapes to bulk out the knee area. Between the shin bars, draw a small "V." Above that, draw two columns of divots toward the kneecap. Use rounded shapes to draw the heels, and   

Step 21.

Use blocky shapes to draw the segments of the fingers. These shapes are almost like little open books. Bring each claw to a point.

Step 22.

Draw the rest of the fingers. Draw a series of bars to create an "M" shape in the neck area. Place two rounded rectangles on the center chestplate and fill them with a diamond pattern to create the grille of the car. On either side, draw another roun   

Step 23.

Now you can go to town on the micro details. Add tread to the shoulder tires. Define the headlights on the forearms, and the brake lights on the thighs. Place curved panel lines wherever an area looks flat in order to create dimension. Draw panel lin   

Step 24.

The final, inked image. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Jazz had one of the better designs in the 2007 film (in my opinion). It's too bad he had to go and get himself killed. I suppose there's always hope for him to return in Dark of the Moon, thou   

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