How to Draw Quilladin

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You can start with drawing a circle for the head then draw in the tuft of hair right in the center.


Next, draw Quilladin's oblong eye shapes like so, then draw the nose, mouth and markings on the cheeks. Be sure to also draw the tongue inside of the mouth as well.


We will begin drawing the entire round shape of the body which also surrounds the head. There is two cone like shapes that stick out from each side of the head that you have to draw in and cap off the tips with marking lines. Once that is done you ca   


Next, draw the rest of the body shape, then draw in the stubby legs and small feet. You will also need to add a small tail that sits behind Quilladin.


For the last step, simply draw in the fingers, then add the markings across the belly as well as on the tip of the tail, on the arms and on the feet. Once you feel like your Quilladin is finished, you can begin erasing the mistakes.


One down and three more to go. Your drawing of Quilladin is finished. Now you can have fun adding some color to the drawing. Great work everyone.

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September 20, 2013

Description: Today I will be uploading some lessons on a few Pokemon species that some of you may not be familiar with yet because they are so new. Here is "how to draw Quilladin", step by step. This odd looking species is another grass type and it evolves from Chespin. Some say that character creation of Quilladin was based on a quill and paladin. There isn't really much more I can tell you because there is very little information I can go on when describing the Pokemon bio. I can however do my best with this lesson so you can begin drawing a Quilladin of your own. Adios mi amigos and enjoy.

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