How to Draw Tyrunt


Start off by making two shapes, one for the head and the other for the body. Add the facial guide too.


Begin sketching out the large shape of the species head and snout. Once that is done draw the thick prominent brow bone, then add one spike or horn right on top of the brow lining. The lining for the mouth should be curved.


You will now draw the shape of the large eye which is looking to the corner, then draw in the lining for the snout. Draw the one small tooth, then add more spiking.


Sketch in the bottom shape of Tyrunt's jaw and as you can see it's as massive as a real dinosaur jaw. Add the spiky frills in back of the head like so as well.


Now that the head and face is all drawn in, we will begin drawing the neck and small arms. As you can see Tyrunt's arms are as small as a T-Rex. Draw in the clawed hands like so, then proceed to step six.


Now you can draw out some of the body starting with the back, and back end. Draw the stubby limb starting with the though, then draw in the three toed foot. Add the belly line as well.


Here you just have to draw in the other leg and foot, then draw the short tail. Add the one spike on the tail end like so.


Add detailing around the claws for the toes like so, then sketch in some wrinkle or crease lines on the thighs and belly. If you made mistakes you can erase those now, if not just erase the guidelines and shapes that where drawn in step one.


Here is the line art once you are done with drawing Tyrunt. Now you can have fun coloring in another Pokemon character from the Royal Heir Pokémon species category.

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October 4, 2013

Description: There is always new Pokemon species being added to the Pokedex and this is one of them. Even though I will show you "how to draw Tyrunt", step by step, I can't tell you anything good about this species bio because there is very limited information listed. I do know that that the Tyrunt is a creation based on the T-Rex, or Allosaurus. This character is a light brown color with a few orange-yellow horns. I did find out that Tyrunt does evolve into Tyrantrum, but I don't know how this process takes place. Anyways, drawing Tyrunt will be fun because it's almost like drawing a Digimon in my opinion. IK shall return so stay tuned in if you can. Adios amigos.

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