How to Draw Scary Hello Kitty


Make a round shape for the head guide and then draw in the guidelines for the arms and face.


Using the round shape you just made, slowly start drawing Hello Kitty's face and large, ripped open mouth. There are sharp points through out the whole concept as these are her teeth and some fur.


Up next, draw in the signature bow tie in a distressed manner. Don't forget to add the dimpling to the bow.


We will now finish the shape of her head and then draw the ears.


Tackle the eyes next. You might want to take your time so they come out soulless and dark. Very aggressive expression and notice that the small nose stays the same.


We will now draw the right sleeve and arm followed by the clawing hand.


Add more teeth to the other side of scary Hello Kitty's face or mouth like you see here.


Here you will tackle the task of drawing the left side of the body which is the shoulder, sleeve, arm and hand.


Finally, add Kitty's whiskers and erase the mistakes and guides that you made throughout the lesson.


Here is the finished drawing folks. Now just color her in to really bring her to life.

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October 21, 2015

Description: Halloween is drawing near and the more the days pass, the more excited I become. Today, I will be showing you how to draw a scary version of Hello Kitty. She still has her white coat and signature bow tie, the only thing that is different about her is she looks like a scientific experiment gone wrong. Instead of the cute stubby body, she is more like a gnarly monster with a jaw that is detached from her face as she screams through the night. I had a lot of fun with this concept, I hope you enjoy it too. Drawing Scary Hello Kitty won't be as hard as you think so proceed.

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