How to Draw Camo Hello Kitty


Make a circle for the head and then a stump for the body guide. Sketch in a facial guideline as well.


Define the shape of Hello Kitty's face and head and when you do this incorporate the shape of Kitty's ear.


Up next, draw in the other ear and then draw her signature bow.


Color in the eyes, add lashes, and then draw a small circle for the nose. Add the whiskers and you can proceed to step five.


You will draw out the entire shape or outline of Hello Kitty's body. Add the feet too but they look small.


For Kitty's cloths, draw a bikini top for the blouse, then draw the pants. Add the belly and then some seam lines. Also add a belly button.


If you want to have your Hello Kitty holding a rifle, you can draw in any model you like.


Lastly, draw the magazine, then draw in the pistol grip. Erase all the mistakes and guidelines.


That's it, here is the line art. Now you can color in your Camo Hello Kitty.

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March 22, 2015

Description: This is just a random lesson on Hello Kitty dressed in some pretty cool camo. I wanted to make this tut because of the new interest I have in the camo attire. Having said that, here is how to draw camo Hello Kitty, step by step. It's a very simple concept to replicate. She is holding a rifle to go with the whole female hunter attire. It's not just males who enjoy the sport of hunting, females or girls like it just as much. I hope some of you find this tut fun, I will be back a bit later with another submission.

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