How to Draw Riley From Inside Out


Make the shape for the head, and then sketch in the facial guidelines as well as the shoulder line.


Sketch out the shape of Riley's face and then draw the bangs which are swished to the left side.


Use the facial guidelines and then draw the eyes. When that is done you can add the smile or beginning line for the smile. Draw and color in the eyebrows, then move to step four.


Finish the face by drawing the pupils, then draw the nose, and rest of her mouth which is in a big smile with teeth showing. Add her dimples and chin line as well.


Finish drawing Riley's hairstyle which is long and straight. It curls slightly at the ends and is a bit messy.


Draw Riley's neck, then draw in her shoulders and arms. Add some seam lines to her sleeves, then move to step seven where you will finish her off.


Finally, draw the opening to her vest or shirt, then draw in the pattern of another shirt under the shirt. Add detailing to her hair, then erase your mistakes.


This is how the line art looks when you are all done. Now you can have fun coloring Riley in.

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December 26, 2014

Description: What good is it making lessons on the characters from the upcoming film 'Inside Out' without making a tutorial on the actual character whose head is being invaded by her emotions that live in her head. Here is "how to draw Riley Anderson from Inside Out". She is a sweet girl that has a lot going on. The young actress that is providing her voice talents is Kaitlyn Dias. I don't think she has done many works, but if she is in a Disney film, I'm sure her career is just starting out. Riley's lifer is turned upside down when her father picks up and moves the family to San Francisco for a job and all Riley has is her emotions; Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness to lead the way. She is a real cute character to recreate and even though the film isn't released until 2015, I'm pretty sure you will come back to this tut to learn how to draw Riley. Thanks for joining me guys, stick around for the rest of the cast from the film.

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